Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Brochures & Other Documents

Automotive & Related Industries

Commercial Waste Management

Concrete & Mortar Operations

Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control

Pesticide Application, Lawn Care & Landscaping

NYSDEC Buying Fertilizer? Zero Phosphorus Fact Sheet. Protect Your Waters.

Hospitals, Medical Treatment Centers & Healthcare Facilities

Mobile Cleaners: Carpet, Upholstery Cleaners, Janitorial Service Providers

Pools, Fountains & Spas

Food & Restaurant Industries

Roadwork & Paving

Your Septic System

New Homebuyer’s Guide to Septic Systems – EPA Publication – August, 2017

NYSDEC A Guide to Help Managers of Small Businesses Keep Their Wastewater Systems Working Properly – operation and maintenance for private, commercial, and institutional onsite wastewater treatment systems

Moving Dirt

NYSDEC Swimming Pool Discharges (General Guidelines)

NYSDEC Guidance for Proper Pharmaceutical Disposal (CP #66 Issued 5/2/2017)

NYSDEC: If You See A Harmful Algal Bloom AVOID IT! (May, 2017)

Pet Waste Brochures

Get The Scoop-What’s The Problem With Pet Waste?

Dogs and Harmful Algal Blooms

Be a Drain Ranger: Coloring Book For Kids – Where’s the Doggie Doo Doo?  & Other Topics

Lawn Care Poster

What’s in Your Lawn? Think about it. NYSDEC Poster

Rain Garden-How To Manuals and Calculators

Stormwater Coalition Green Infrastructure Guidance Manual for Homeowners-Downspouts, Rain Gardens, Rain Barrels

Three Rivers Rain Garden Alliance – Garden Calculator

UCONN Rain Garden Design Guide

University of Wisconsin Rain Garden Manual

Vermont Rain Garden Manual

Stream Buffer Protection – Trees for Tribs

NYSDEC “Buffer In a Bag” Program – Link to Webpage (2019)

Trees for Tribs- Guide to Planting Your Trees and Shrubs

Trees for Tribs – Site Maintenance Guide for Streamside Plantings

Trees for Tribs – Maintenance Check List – Year Round

Stormwater Activities/Information

Stormwater Walk Activity Sheet  Source: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension

What’s Wrong With This Picture (includes answers)?  Source: EPA website

Be a Drain Ranger: Coloring Book For Kids – Where’s the Doggie Doo Doo? & Other Topics

Facility Posters 

Wash Equipment In Designated Areas-Monroe County H2O Hero

Clean Up Spills Promptly -Monroe County H2O Hero

Protect Storm Inlets-Monroe County H2O Hero

Report Illicit Discharges To Your Supervisor-Monroe County H2O Hero

Coalition Doorhanger

Only Rain Down The Drain!

Construction Site Information (Other States-Other Agencies). See New York State SPDES General Permit for Construction Activity for New York State Requirements.

EPA: Stormwater Pollution Prevention for Small Residential Sites (December, 2015)                                    

Guidance Manuals

The Vermont Low Risk Site Handbook for Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control

Reviewing Stormwater Management in Site Design: A Guide for Planning Board Members 2015 – Lower Hudson Coalition of Conservation District publication – New York State

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation: Make a Difference

Other Local Resources

Capital District Regional Planning Commission

Albany County Soil and Water Conservation District

Other Resources

International Stormwater BMP Database (Website) 

Report stormwater pollution problems to your local Coalition member.