nheinzen May 1, 2014 0

DRAFT 2014 Stormwater Annual Report Released! Comments due May 16.

By  June 1, regulated MS4/municipalities must file with NYSDEC an Annual Report which describes progress over the past year implementing program requirements named in the MS4 Stormwater Permit. As required by the Permit, prior to finalizing the report, a DRAFT Annual Report is made available to the public for comment.

This 2014 Draft Joint Annual Report describes collaborative and individual activities of all 12 Coalition members. These activities include public education and participation; storm system mapping; outfall reconnaissance; pollution track down, local law adoption and enforcement; oversight of construction activity; performance tracking of stormwater practices; green infrastructure support; facility audits; and MS4/municipal staff training. 

The Annual Report itself is a standardized form developed by NYSDEC which can be explained in further detail upon request. Please use the website Public Comment interface to submit your comments and as needed to request a meeting. The public comment period ends May 16, 4pm and the FINAL Joint Annual Report will be posted after June 1.

For more detailed information regarding program tasks and goals, see the Stormwater Management program posted on the Coalition website. For more information about the stormwater regulations, Coalition, and program activities, explore the Coalition website and Member website links!